The model used this season at 360 Kite Center, is the Kahoona V5 PLUS , which brings perfect conditions for freeride ( regardless of the style and level of the rider ) newschool and wave . Known for his incredible hang- time , with little wind power , comfort bloated system ez -dub , automatic relaunch , and stability (including downwind ) kite make it easy to handle. Thanks to the design review and the incorporation of dual core ripstop , the v5 is definitely the best version of Kahoona brand designed by Best Kiteboarding .

We have new models in the Kahoona V5 PLUS ( 7-9-11,5 m ) + BEST BAR 2013 for a price of 5000 , actual 5100 and 5200 , respectively , available for sale in your own Kite Center ( Pipa - Brazil ) . If you are interested in receiving your Kite in another country other than Brazil or want to buy any model Best 2014 , send an email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and inform you without obligation . We also have late-season deals . Visit our pro shop on line 360 (active from October 2013) .